• {life, love, light…captured}


I’m a passionate picture-taker focused on life and love photography since 2008.
My photography style is about those fresh, real, beautiful moments laced with simplicity and storytelling.
Vancouver is an amazing place to live and be a photographer with it’s vast array of organic and urban backdrops, which is
 exactly why I love to shoot on location – the creative possibilities are endless.
 I live for sunshine, beautiful light, snowy days, travel, adventure, ice cream, great music, amazing wine and all things design.
 With two kiddos running around, there is always a story or moment to capture , to hold , to embellish upon.
 You can catch me spending my days capturing life, love and light around Vancouver,  the Gulf Islands  
 and any where the road may take me.

             photo credit Susanne Uliana